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Are you worried about selling your house or looking for a firm that will buy any house and its condition or may be where you are located.

Don’t worry at all , We cover all area and any conditions. We Buy Homes and get you a reasonable deal which you cannot possibly find anywhere else.

Let see this in more detail how we buy any house and how it works , as it ultimately your decision :

We Buy Any HouseMost of us have seen the advertisements in markets, in newspapers and almost every other place with the above . Now, the first thing that comes to our mind is that what is this advertisement? Why would one want to sell his home? Even if he is selling, why would he sell at a price which is lower than the market value? And why would want to sell off the home in a hurry? There are a number of reasons that answer all the above questions effectively .

No Agency Fee

Remember this recession and as Tesco say Every penny counts :) We Buy Homes and do it at a very quick pace.

If you are selling fast, you are selling directly to an investor with no agent involved in between. This means you would not need to pay the commission or fee to the agent. This would surely save a lot of your hard-earned money. This fee can from 2500 to 7000 pounds . Also the money you get when you sell with us is 100% as agreed on day one .

Financial Troubles

Now suppose you bought the home on loan for deposit or may be from friends , relatives , credit cards etc which most people does, but after some time you ran into financial difficulties and are not able to pay the mortgage.

You can sell your home quickly here and we pay the balance amount or else your home would be repossessed if you don’t take necessary steps to pay off the debts.

Lets assume you decided to sell it through normal route

But selling would take at least six to eight months and that would mean you would be paying commission for nothing and would be waiting , taking all the hassles of estate agents etc.

If that the case, it is always better to sell it off immediately and free yourself from any kind of debt that might build up if not paid on time .

For selling instantly, company like our self can be of great help. We will either buy it for our self  anywhere with our own funding or for our highly vetted and verified cash  investors who would buy your property , and the whole process would be completed in seven to 10 days. 

But be careful as companies can take advantage of your situation so try going for well established firms like us .

Personal Reasons

There might be some personal reasons as well that might force you to sell of the home as soon as possible. These might include a divorce where the amount would be divided among the two parties, or you lost a job and might not be able to pay the future mortgage or relocation for school for kids or for job or for any reason or  you just do not think that your current property is a good investment in the current market situation.

With our service you can tell us what the problem is and we can work on the time schedule you provide or you don’t even have to tell the reason , just tell us the date and we will start the work .

We are DMOZ listed , and Listed on companies house website as well which you can check at any time .

Another Property

In case you found a new property , let say finally your dream home or something which has not fully developed till date but would be a great neighborhood in the times to come.

You really want to purchase that before the rates go up. Here, you have a decision to make whether you can pay the mortgage of two mortgages of two homes or not. If not, you would definitely want to sell off the current home as quickly as possible and free yourself from any kind of debt. Here again, instant selling can be a great option and again we can sort this out for you .

No Headache of Repairing

In case, you have a home where you are not living , was rented out and tenants have made it a rack now and you want to sell it off, but its condition is really bad and would not fetch you the any value.

Now you have two options here.

The first thing is to get the repaired , spend lots of money as you know it not cheap to get building works done , even the small job cost quite a lot  and then wait for a buyer to come and finalize the deal which means potentially a few weeks or months depending on works required .

However, if you do not want to take all the pain, you can definitely call up the number on the top as we would buy it in any condition as we buy houses any where and not only that  We would pay you full amount in cash through your solicitor  depending on the  market value based on the condition of the home.

We Buy Any HouseSo really its your option to wait , get the any works done and then try on this falling economy with endless leads and viewing from investors make silly offers and expect that they can buy at those prices but really it is not  worth as you would not need to invest time, effort and money.

Or a simple call to us or filling up the form above can sort this very quickly and you can do all from sitting in your lounge . We always make it sure your are fully legally represented and fully understand the service and get the full price agreed with us when we make a formal offer to you .

We cover full UK and all postcodes are considered equally and with extensive research we have excellent valuation in place just fill up our online offer to start moving . 

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