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Our today’s blog is by Lisa

Though you may not believe it, the UK is currently facing a housing crisis. With interest rates as low as 3.28% for a 30-year fixed mortgage, it is certainly a buyer’s market. Due to the failing economy I am always looking for ways for property sales. Whether they are experiencing a job loss, or interested in complete career overhaul to land a new job, homeowners are still on the move. What would one do for immediate liquidity when there is a burdensome asset on one’s hands? Sell My House Quickly is the obvious course.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Sell My House QuicklyWhile I may be looking for shortcuts , taking necessary steps to prepare the home for sale will motivate potential buyers to make an offer without resignation

My initial step as a home owner should be to contact a professional home inspector. While the cost varies, typically based on how thorough the inspection, it is well worth my pounds sterling to discover if I have hidden money pits in my home that a potential buyer will ultimately find once he or she gets to the point of home inspection prior to making the final deal. For a few hundred pounds out of pocket up front, I can view problem areas in the home and either contract them out to be fixed/replaced or consider throwing in a budget for the new home owner to make repairs on their own. Invest the proceeds from Sell My House Quickly is also wise.

As home owners, we decorate according to our own personal taste and style. Depending on our family status, we may think it is acceptable to have multiple toy bins scattered throughout the house, or a full size playpen next to the couch in the living room. Certainly, this is our home, we live in it, our lives should not just be shoved into a closet, however, buyers do not want to see what they would consider clutter. I always find a way to step out of the box and view my home the way I would expect a model home to look. If I have thick-enough skin, I may even consider asking friends and family members to point out areas that could use improvement which I may be overlooking. By the time I am done staging my current home, I may not want to sell it after all!

How To Sell My House Quickly Through Marketing

Sell My House QuicklyChoosing how to advertise my home is crucial. Utilizing a standard script for my home is not going to distinguish it from other similar homes on the market. Buying a home is a very emotional thing; people want to be romanced by the sale flyer, which will hopefully entice them to consider a tour. Instead of simply stating the structural elements of the house, I always explain how aesthetically pleasing my home is. Home buyers want to see my home described with words such as new, fresh, clean, modern and renovated. Sure, my home itself may not be new, but I may have put in a new floor or kitchen cabinets. I always focus on the highlights of the home to draw the potential home buyer in to see the rest.

In essence I always set my frame of mind that the home is no longer mine, removing many personal effects, thus making it more appealing to the home buyer and then sell my house quickly. 

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