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Our today’s blog is by Nick William and Lisa Philips who have both years of experience in selling houses for cash in UK .

A quick reminder before we get in details if you are after a fast sale then instead of trying million ways , tip and advises a simple call to us , or filling up the instant offer here will make that difficult sale happen almost instantly , we are currently paying most of of our clients under a week . But obviously that will depend on lot of factors which we can make this quick or slow .

Sell My House Fast LondonNow getting back to the main question “How to Sell My Home Fast”.

First of all let see why London is different from other cities or towns in UK or even in south east .

London is a great and lively city to live in with great architectures and always full with the hot and happening events  , but then  it is one of the most expensive cities in the world as well .

Therefore, there are people who are always willing to live or buy a home that offers what they need. But when it comes to selling the main problem is the price tags attached to them , in addition to above its also the heart of south east or UK so all factors bump the prices for homes which in essence creates it difficult to be sold .

Let get in to nitty-gritty  of this , there are certain techniques that are a must when you are trying to sell high value properties , as obviously someone paying such high prices for a house  or for a flat in London will demand it to be the best .

You might not think the price is high as you might have bought it for that much but when it comes to first time buyers or investor they look it at from there eye .

Selling houses in the big city can seem like a daunting challenge, but it doesn’t have to be.

My personal view was used to be that it was difficult to sell houses in London. But after trying and taking some steps, I discovered that it was easy.Really you have to think of your buyer in mind and then it all becomes very easy .

A few straight forward guidelines will help you Sell My Home Fast and your property will go from ‘for sale’ to ‘sold’ in no time. Let me explain this in detail .

 Before I Begin

Before listing my house on the market, I always make sure to see to any major repairs, or time-consuming projects that I know will stand in the way of success are done , but then I do understand its not always so easy so this might will depend on what is needed and what can be done , sometimes doing some good DIY jobs can help .

Any long standing issues which may be viewed by a potential buyer to be too costly, time-consuming should be resolved before beginning the selling process.

Sometime simple re decoration , or new paint or new carpets even a bit of cleaning will add to value and make it a easy sale . Think about it in this way if you are gone yourself to buy a house , will you buy it with such problem question your self is it something for myself .

Getting to Market or Advertising in London

As you know it is important to spread the word about your  property is for sale . Hiring an agent, taking out listings in local and regional journals and bulletins always help. Just try every possible way which can get you a buyer .

I will also try posting information about my property on the Internet as that will allow me to reach as many people as possible, quickly and efficiently. Internet site are cheap to advertise and amount of audience on web is far more than any other medium . 

Home buyers in London and the UK are always trying to sell it online. So yes advertising on the web will helps you to reach more potential buyers and will typically cost less than trying in traditional media. I found one my deals was sold in under 24 hours of advertising it on the web . So I would highly recommend that .

Keeping it all organized.

Now that you have adverted and your property for sale, you  need to be prepared to schedule viewings. I always try my best to respond to any inquiries as quickly as possible. I also keep a date book or calendar. Hey don’t forget any missed call and delay could loose you a potential investor or a buyer .

Lets say I missed  an appointment with a buyer could very well mean a I missed a sale which I really can’t afford . So I always keep my calendar organized to prevent any unfortunate mishaps. In your own case, if you employ professional agents to sell your home, keep in contact with them in case they need you to facilitate any aspect of the process.

How to set the stage to sell , how to make it happen :

You will know your house better than any one , use your critic eye to see what is wrong where , the way I do is I make sure it is in good shape.

All nicely cleaned up , fresh, well maintained interior is vital to selling fast in London. Before showing, I make a detailed list of any issues or problem spots that would make a less than excellent impression on a potential buyer. Now that is a must .

A critic eye is always the best so here is what I do :

I try to ask a friend who has a critical eye and can offer an outside perspective to help me in inspecting the house to note anything that could deter a buyer. Some things which may seem minor can have a major impact on a buyer’s first impression . To have the same experience I have had, you should do the following:

  1. Repair any damage to interior surfaces , which are visible and might not be looking right ,  Cracks, holes from nails, stains should be filled or painted over so the buyer only sees clean interior walls throughout their viewings and house looks and sound the right buy to them .

  2. Paint if necessary and a must . A fresh coat of paint can have a distinct effect on how a room or your place in general is perceived. A buyer’s willingness or making him keen to purchase the property may hinge on these subtle but important is always the first impressions. So, if you are in doubt, it is probably a good idea to paint. Also some parts of London have serious issue for damp , so a fresh coat will help the damp as well .

  3. Replace out of date or unsightly light fixtures. Yeah I know some of them been there from grand dad’s time or been there before you bought , but hey this is the time to think about it . So do take care of this and be sure to get a good mix of both some natural sun light and some good interior lighting.

  4. Fourth point but might be the most important point to stress on is  Potential buyers are most likely to purchase when they find a their ideal place with a clean, modern, fresh interior. Eliminate any clutter; remove unsightly furniture elements which detract or distract from the unified decor you wish to present to the buyer.

Sell My House Fast LondonNow the above tips are great if i have to sell my house fast in London , but to note i can only effect my own house means I can not change the economy or falling marking or people being cautious to spend in that prospective I would really suggest contacting a firm like Put an Offer .

If you want a quick sale without doing any repair and going through all the above then  just call us now , or fill the form above we are open 24 hours and can place a instant offer to you .

Blog written and posted for Put An Offer
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