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Our today blog covers some of the major hurdles you might face in today market .

Let start from where you are located in the UK,  and a consider all factors before you think about how to sell house quickly ?

Sell House QuicklyA major factor will be your personal circumstances and how much you are pushed by them to do this sale . With the market situation getting not better at all, the value of properties has started to decrease again and actually market is not finding any bottom . So you should not expect market value or even near it .

Its really a though time for real home buyers and for investors . There are still few  buyers who are looking for residential properties. There are, however, a few first-time buyers who are looking forward to making their first big investment of life.

They would not be quick in reaching to a decision and would take into consideration all points, including the monthly mortgage payments and deposit  they would need to pay before buying. On top of their thoughts its pretty difficult to find the right person as well , as the credit scoring system keeps on hitting . 

If you are based in London, its even more difficult as London carries high price tags and you are looking to sell house quickly  you just cannot sit idle and let your estate agent do all the work for you. Here are a few really important points that must be kept in mind .  

Get the Right Agent to do the difficult sale

The first and the most important step to take is to look for a correct estate agent who is not only knowledgeable, smart and experienced but is also comfortable working with you.

He should have a range of clients and should confirm that the buyer is eligible for a loan or a mortgage before opening up the doors for him to have a look. There is no point of endless visits of buyers who would never be able to get a home loan because they do not meet the criteria.   

Some time paying higher fee or going to good agents can do it , but here we click in here , pay top prices .  We sell houses for cash really quickly and there are no estate agent fees or legal fee to sell with us . We usually can complete in 7 days or less .

The Fair Price

Getting back to topic .

Before setting the price for the house you should think in real time what will you pay .

Will you should be able to convince the buyer that the price that you are asking for your home is absolutely fair and is as per the prevailing standards.?

The price of a  your house depends on a number of factors some under your control and some totally out of your control , including the condition of the home (any repairs or else needed ) and the locality.

It is always better to keep the house in good condition. Timely maintenance may be required. Doing maintenance on time are very essential as the cost of getting work done when the problems can be less and easier to repair as compared to when it grows .

A house in one state would certainly cost different from another one, but should be in accordance to the local rates. You must be able to convince the buyers that the house is worth the rate, and that it would surely be a good investment for them.  

Why should it be your home ?

Sell House QuicklyShow your house as its the most ideal for the buyer . This might only be just for show, but staging your home well can surely help you and at good price. You can paint the exterior and make it look good by adding some details.

The interior can be decorated, and furniture shifted to make it look elegant. There are a number of agents who would do all this for you and would include the price ion their fee. However, if they do not offer the service, there are a lot of experts for the same out there. If you do not want to spend on this, you can always do it all by yourself and can find a lot of ideas online.                  

Getting Cash Home Buyer

Selling to cash home buyer is a great way . You would not need to do any king of staging, and they would buy the home in the same condition. You would not be paying any commission to the agent as well. They would surely buy the home at slightly lower price, but the entire process would be completed in a few days.

As a closing sentence don’t forget the above can all take ages and lots time where as we can sell your house really quickly usually in 7 days or even less but simply filling the form a t the top  or giving us a call at any time .


Blog written and posted for Put An Offer
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