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With the market falling everyday and not finding bottom selling process can be frustrating and can bring endless hassles , you can end up having paid lot of professional fees which may include professional at all stages .

We have designed a Savings Diagram to see how much Put An Offer can save you when you choose us the partner in the process.

Simply if you sale without paying the usual costs, then our website PutAnOffer.co.uk is the best choice for you and your property . We buy your home for cash and free you from the all the expenses and hassles attached with it . The expenses for sale start from getting the it ready with any repairs or modernization  .

Repair Cost

It can cost a few  thousand depending on how it is in current situation or might be few hundred if it need just renovation or modernization . We will not require you to do any work to before we buy your property .

Your Local Estate Agent’s Fee Or Online Agent’s Fee

Local estate agents will charges you 1.5% to 2,5% + VAT to sell your home on normal timescale which can take a few months . What it  means in pounds for you is  if your place value is £100,000  you will end up paying estate agent’s  fee between £1500 and £2500.  Which can create a dent in final sale money .

Put An Offer can save you from the estate agent prices with selling your home fast for cash .

As Put an Offer deals with its clients directly, so the service comes completely free and there are no charges for any third parties. Hence you will be paying zero charges . 

Some of the estate agents can tie you up in sales agreements which have strict criteria, so be sure that you have checked the small print before you sign it so that you are not hit by any hidden charges or any usual clauses .

If you are not sure, we offer to a free service to check your local estate agency agreement for sale and can  help you to negotiate during sale process .

Legal Charges / Solicitors Fees / Conveyancing Charges

  • Conveyancing Charges are considerably high but remember that ‘you get what you pay for.’ Even with the new E conveyancing still the legal charges can be high.
  • A good solicitor may be costly between £800 and £1,500 including VAT and other disbursements associated with sale of your property.
  • We appoint a conveyancing agent or property solicitor who act on your behalf or you can pick one yourself that will meet your time scale as it requires an excellent professional.  You will need a strong solicitor to get everything that you expect . Therefore we always recommend  you professional solicitors who are experts in this field.
  • Our panel of Conveyancing Agents will  provide impartial advise . They focus on looking after your legal rights and benefits.
  • The good part is if you choose to work with our conveyancing agent ,we offer you to pay the standard costs of the sale process and all other legal costs .

No Home Information Pack Required / Valuation Report

Put an Offer does not require a HIP  . So you can save up to £700 ,

This is not required by Law as well as legislation has changed. So be careful if you asked for this .

Mortgage Repayments To Your Current Lender

Being the home owner mortgage repayments can be major expenses. While you are waiting for sale to go through, you will still have to pay your mortgage payments on monthly basis .Which can again create a dent in final amount

We will  immediately save you from mortgage payments, so don’t forget to factor this important cost .

Put an Offer also frees you are from mortgage arrears or facing repossession , we will appoint special agents who can speak on you behalf to your lender , can explain and provide all the documentation to your existing Lender / Bank . As we are involved in buying houses quick and are a well-known name in market , lender do recognize us and do trust us .

Fixed Cost Like Service / Factor / Insurance Charges and Ground Rent

Costs can usually go beyond         £1500 payable annually depending on many factors whether you own freehold or leasehold of the property . London flats usually have higher costs .

Sell your property fast  to Put an Offer and avoid unwanted ongoing costs.

Local Authority And Council Charges

The average UK council tax is over £1200 a year , which is always have been debated .

If the flat or house  is empty, there can be additional expenses in relation to it .

Vacant Property or Empty Properties

If you do not live in your property or if it’s a holiday home or your tenant moved out if your were letting it or any thing else . This situation may affect your savings calculation and this can be again an important factors.

You should really consider us if any of the above applies as you may keep paying a mortgage of property , which does not bring any benefit and income. This can also be the stage where an asset becomes a liability .

We finds a solution to cover your loss and will either buy or will sell it very fast.

You will find out more about it on financial benefits that you can achieve by doing a quick house sale in our Benefits page.

Sale Cost Diagram

We have covered all the factors and costs explained above the costs . Use the following details you can see the result now and see how much we can save you.

Price In Normal Conditions  :
Actual Expected Offer Price   :

Refurbish / Repair / Decoration Charges:

Local Estate Agent’s Charges :
Legal Fees and other Costs  :
Mortgage Dues Payable until the hose is not sold  :
Local Authority or  Council Tax Bills  :
Insurance / Service/ Factor Charge if any :

Any other Charges :
Net Amount received after all the above :

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