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Here is a quick solution to Sell your home

Sale of your old and disputed property has now become easier than ever, when you need cash fast! You just need to contact an agent who would be bringing you the right offer regarding your house sale.

need cash Generally, in case when the seller needs fast cash at had from the house sale, he generally opts for a quick sale. However, one major problem with the technique of quick sale for Sell your home is that you won’t be getting the full price of the house. At max, you would be getting more or less, 80% of the total valuation of the house as pertaining to the current market value of the housing property. The agencies, which are involved in such quick sale of house, also known by the name of short sale, would be sending in a surveyor who would be surveying the house and determining the value.

The best advantage of going for such agencies is that you would be surely receiving guaranteed return from the sell your home proceeds. The process is quite fast and might be completed within a week after you go and contact an agency. You will generally spot one such agency by going through ads in newspapers like “we will by your house” etc.

need cash If you are a buyer, you need to contact an agent of an agency, which conducts short sale of houses. You need to pay around 6% fee for the realtor, which would be including a 2.5% to 3% fee for the agent! Other than the house selling fees, which you have to pay up front during filling in the paper works, you also have to pay several other petty charges, which include a 1% to 2.5% excise fee, house inspection charge, survey fee, courier fees, title insurance, and documentary transfer taxes. So this is perhaps the best and the most hassle free solution when you need cash fast!

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