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Our Today’s blog is by Lisa who has over 25 experience in property Market in UK .

I will try to cover London but it about the same for anywhere but being based here I always see people tying to sell and buy.The reason for my choice to cover London is because this is where you see all the big price tags and its in heart of south east . Also south east is where I always see people trying find the new way to sell and on every property event , they approach me asking for what is the best way to make people interested to buy my house .

BUY MY HOUSELet see what options we have and what can be done to achieve this.

In most cities in the UK, whenever you go out of your home to the local market place or to your office, you would definitely see either the ‘for sale’ board in front of a home or advertisements by estate agents who can help you sell your home.

Now I can go by that route but then I might have to wait for a long time before finding a potential buyer and finish up all the paper work. Also, due to the prevailing market conditions, those who would be interested in your property would be few. This would surely lead you to the question, “Is there someone out there who would like to buy my property?”

Well, the truth is there might be a few people who would be looking to buy my house and might be interested in what I have to offer. However, you I can never be sure if they would qualify for a home loan of not. To get anybody interested ,the first thing is first , is the condition of the place , does it need it any works , any modernization . Sometime just fresh coat of paint. Changing the carpets and tiding up the thing can do the magic .

I always try to bring the place to presentable condition , you should always consider it in a way that if you are going to buy , what can be appealing and what can be the points that can put you off .

Now as the whole economy depends on lending and mortgages so once someone has seen the place and liked it  , very essential part is to find out whether he can buy or not .

I always look for people who are earning well and with less fixed expenses on their name.

Also the number of dependents should be low for the loan providing company to be sure that they would be able to pay every mortgage on time.

As I need sell it fast , I am always aware that a bad credit record would not do the situation any good.

This makes the situation even worse for you in my case as I want to sell my  home. You might have to wait for a really long time before I can find a potential buyer.
Cash Buyers are always the best option

BUY MY HOUSE If this is the situation that you are facing , you should try to look for a cash buyer in your area. Cash buyers are basically investors who are always ready  and would not change their decision even if the condition of your home is not good. They might offer you a little less in pounds but a quick sale happens

Even if you get less than the market value, but still it is certainly better than waiting for weeks, months or even years before coming across a potential buyer. 

If you have a property to sell, you should consider making a deal with one of them.

Also, since you are dealing with them directly, you would not need to pay any fee to the estate agents. I do not always use estate agents because I know that there are people who are ready to buy properties of me. This would surely help you save a lot of your hard-earned money and will save you time .

Also since they are investors and have deep knowledge of the property market, they can quickly analyses the details themselves and reach to a conclusion within a short time. The entire process can be completed within 10 days or less. Another thing is that if you do not want to move out after completion and you can also strike a deal with them to rent out the home to you for some weeks or months.

Even if  the condition is not up to the mark, but the deal would be done in a matter of days, and you would have the money with you within a short time. Since they pay the full amount immediately, they would surely offer you a little less than the market value, but it is certainly better than waiting for weeks, months or even years before coming across a potential buyer.   Another thing is that if you do not want to move out after completion, you can also strike a deal with them to rent out the home to you for some weeks or months. However SARBs are now illegal by FSA . We are not authorized by SARBs

Off course if you don’t want to go through all the above you can contact out property experts and they can give you an instant offer or simply fill the form at the top .

Blog written and posted for Put An Offer
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