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How Do I Sell My House Fast?

 Can Someone help me

  • Sell property fast
  • Stop Repossession
  • Without any repairs
  • With No legals fee and No hassle

Yes. WE can help you

As UK  leading home buyers we buy any house and are always pay cash . We cover all UK Postcodes and any conditions .

Secure your offer now or if you are in a rush just leave your details in quick sale contact form on this screen.

Let us explain this and see how can this be achieved and how to we operate .

As you may know that it may take a couple of months for sale to happen even the if market was strong. However considering the current economic crisis and the limited mortgage availability and number of lender getting less by every day , it may take even longer for a quick property sale.

As experts in property market we exactly know how to do this on the speed , and get it all completed in 7 days or sometimes even less which could take you months and can be costly ride .

We have an excellent record of rapid buying houses for cash with the our own funding or for our highly verified investors or buyers which saves you from the hassle and stress of waiting and process.

Divorce / Relocation / Getting Repossessed or Anything

We understand life circumstances changes and you may need to sell your house fast due to may be moving to another place, divorce, financial problems , changing work , or you have found a dream place etc, or what ever your reason you may have. (You don’t even have to disclose ).

Once you have contacted us , we will almost instantly complete the buying process or will sell house fast in couple of days . That means you be will saved  from long waiting, stress and uncertainty of the selling process .

Not only without the hassle of estate agents but also as described above we work with No Legal Fee or any other fees . As market leaders and best national home buyers we will make sure to remove every hurdle in the process. No one in current market answers better than us to the question “How do I sell house fast “.

We Take You Privacy At First

Fist thing first , and your privacy comes first we always consider your details as very important and always take every step to keep them secure and in safe hands .

This is again one of our edge over other firm and companies which only promise buy or sell your place and what they will actually do is only simply collects your details which will be sold to investors as leads. They call you a lead we call you a client and a friend.

We take pride in keeping your details safe ,We are a Positive SSL verified. Which means you are fully protected It is one of the most important things for us how we keep your details safe.

We provide Quick And Efficient With Excellent Reviews

Most of our new clients come from word of mouth , we always value our customers , their need and circumstances and understand why they need to sell their house fast . 

We can provide you a list of happy clients who have given us the permission to testimony and explain our performance and results . You satisfaction matters to us the most and we always try to make it sure that you are satisfied with us.

Although we buy rapidly by making the process quick and friendly , but we don’t compromise on our quality and customer skills . We always negotiate the price on your terms and always consider understanding your need first .

We always make it sure that you are fully legally represented at every stage. A solicitor can be provided or you can use your own and we pay up to 500 pounds towards the costs . Once offer is accepted we can transfer the funds within 24 hours as promise to sell it quickly. We provide flexible timetable that gives you the chance to set the date for completion.

Don’t forget that we can do it in 7 days or even less as and when it’s required by you .

No Chains

As we don’t use commercial funding or bridging or mortgages so there is no difficulty and no third parties with chains to complete. Hence we effective can be the best chain breakers and provides you a fast unique and 100% satisfaction anywhere in the United Kingdom.

As per above we are experts in chain breaking , so if you are struck in a chain we have specialist chain breakers that will make the whole process go really fast . 

Can Put An Offer  Perform Fast And Hassle free

As we go through the same process every day and buy so may houses every year , we make it sure that you don’t face any hassle during the journey of our purchase.

Selling property online can be stressful and frustrating as it hard to find real property buyers . We save you from all the hassle and stress by either buying it our self or getting it sold with one of our investors. We keep you informed at every stage , by phone, post or email as you wish.

Repair / Modernization

A question often asked to us is do I have to get any repairs done , do i need to get the heating system repaired or do i need to get new carpets etc .

The simple answer and good news is , No with our service you simply fill the form or as soon as you have called us we will start our process and will factor in what whatever is required .

However you may will understand that any major repair or major works can be a problem if you try to do it through a normal estate agent route. As they work and will always look at normal residential buyers who will require the property to be fit and habitual in all aspects , where as in our case as the  properties are bought by our own fund or by our investor . They factor in all repairs and works that are needed to be done and as this is quite normal for us to get works done once the completion happens .

Also a very important point to note here is that the above with not effect the time in any way that we suggest to completion . Even if it requires works , we will still be very quick and will still do all the legal and will pay cash in less than 7 days .

Hence you can be fully assured that you have nothing to worry at all and we take all the stress of all aspects of sale .

No Fee At All , No Legal Fees, No Estate Agents Fees , No Hidden Charges

We always serve customer / client with plain and simple option , and we always operate without any fee to you .

There are no cost or obligation to you . We will also pay your solicitor’s costs and will also save you from the estate agency fees. You get the price in full what you agree day one with you .

Don’t Wait , Take the step today

We let you schedule the time  . And we work on on time table you give us . Also it gives you the opportunity to make your next move without chain which will create a lot better position as compared to others and will also be in time if you are after you next dream home .

Fast And Quick Release Of  Money In Your Bank Account Or  Where Ever You Want Transferred in World

We help to release the equity , when the funds are ready we transfer where ever in the world you want, If you are like some of our other clients, who want to pay a loan/ urgently , or simply want to take advantage of buying your dream place or a deal  that requires to be bought quickly.

We work with some of the leading international money transfers  who provide Unbeatable Exchange Rates, e.g. if you are looking at a deal in sunny Spain or anywhere .

Just visit our Contact Page to get in touch with us or simply fill the form . We are open 24 hours , you can call us any time.

 Dedicated Purchase Consultant

A Purchase Consultant will be dedicated for you to help out with the difficulties who will answer any of your questions as we deal with many clients like your every day .We buy homes with tailor-made solutions .

Your dedicated purchase consultant will ensure everything is worked in your  time scale  We will ensure everything is done rapidly  Just let us know and we will work on timescale you provide . We understand all the steps involved in process and we will make sure we will make every stage smooth .

As a National home buyers we can produce results .Please also read our SARB disclosure

Although we cover all postcode of UK but we specialize in LONDON . We have a dedicated team that covers East London , North London and Central London. As London usually have higher price tags so only a firm like us can help you , who understand the process and can make it figures stack right .

To learn more about us and just complete the form on top, now! and we will make sure we answer all your question better than anyone else  .

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I was looking for a true National buyers who can buy any thing and any condition as my flat need lots of repairs and I didn't had funds to pay for them and no one was getting ready to buy . Bunch of Thanks to Nick and Lisa who made the sale happen so quickly .Mrs Collin ( East London )No one beats what is offered here. I was trying to sell my flat in Cardiff but most of the property buying companies only covered south east and local agent didn't did a good job as well , other than wasting the time . I felt really lucky the way my sale was handled . Excellent 5/5Mrs Dave ( Wales ) My case was handled by Nick and he was quick and efficient on his job, before contacting here I tried all selling tips but it wasn't happening so i decided to uses this website. I am glad I did that and can highly recommended them as fast and professional. They sold my flat in East London very fast .Mrs Turner ( Barking London)Hi , this is tom and I went thought a real dramatic phase as my place need repairs and no investors were getting interested, but then i was recommended to this firm , I was really pleased , I was kept informed at all stages , they promised me to have it all done in 12 days but all was done and dusted in just a week ....Well Done and Thanks .Mr T Clarke ( Manchester )I was going through a divorce and tried many websites who just wasted my time giving me advices and tips , As my flat was in a remote village in Scotland and prices were really dipped with no investors due to economy in pear shape , I felt it really difficult and everyone kept on collecting my details , when i just really all wanted was cash . Everyone only promised me , but nothing was working until I used this company as they claimed they buy any where .At initial contact , they confirmed and agreed the value and paid me in 7 day , which was simply excellent and a top class service .Mrs Lloyd ( Scotland )I found my dream property and wanted to move ,so I tried contacting my local agent who estimated my property but he could sell it due to recession and I was getting late and was about to miss by dream . Then I got refereed over by one of my friend in Essex , so I decided to give it a go .As soon as I contacted here and I was amazed at speed and efficiency by which the whole matter was handled . I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a straight forward service without any hidden fees and etc.Mr M Brown ( Birmingham )Before contacting this website , I tried many other for about 5 months with different agents however nothing was happening all I got were promises everyday that they can produce results. Finally I found this firm and the only this that helped me after struggling with so many others was was filling up the form here . As soon as it was filled , I received the call which was followed by an excellent coomunication , very good customer skills , highly professional and finally someone who know what they are doing they completed it in 7 day . Thank you.Mrs J Smith ( London )